ALS Puck (Original Puck-for use with ALS-style robots only)

The ALS-style Puck is a sample pin storage and shipping container compatible ONLY with ALS-style sample mounting robots. The puck holds 16 sample pins.  It consists of two parts shown in the image below: 1) the sample enclosure (left) and 2) the sample base piece (right).  Only the sample base piece is magnetic.

Each part of the puck has a unique serial number for identification. 

Puck Prices:

1 Puck
Part number: CP-111-035

7 Pucks
Part number: CP-111-035-7
$2,205.00 ($315/each)

14 Pucks
Part number: CP-111-035-14
$4,042.50 ($288.75/each)