Magnetic Push Button Loading Wand

The cassette loading guide tool is used with the magnetic loading and testing wand or the magnetic push button wand to transfer samples into SSRL cassettes.  Samples that are pre-cooled may be transferred by using the slot on the side of the loading guide tool, keeping the samples submerged in liquid nitrogen during loading.

The magnetic loading and testing wand (left) or push button wand (also sold below) are used with the cassette loading guide tool (right).
Samples may also be flash-cooled during cassette loading by transferring them through the top of the guide tool.

The magnetic loading and testing wand is shown in use above.  This wand contains two magnets, a strong magnet on one side for removing samples and a weaker magnet on the opposite side for inserting samples into cassettes. A maroon stripe on the weaker magnet is used to test the size of pin bases - good pins will easily cover the entire maroon stripe when placed on the weaker magnet end of the loading wand.

In addition to the loading and testing wand, the guide tool may also be used with an alternative wand called the magnetic push button loading wand shown below.  The push button wand has one magnet and the pins are released by pushing the plunger on the top.

These tools work with the cassette loading dewar and cassette transfer handle.   For directions on the use of these tools see the users guide on the SSRL website.

For schematics and further information visit:

Loading Guide Tool
Part number: CP-111-005

Magnetic Loading / Testing Wand
Part number: CP-111-004

Magnetic Push Button Loading Wand
Part number: CP-111-025