Shipping Dewar Spacer, Canister and Support Ring for Cassettes

These items are used to ship SSRL cassettes in MVE S/C4 or Taylor Wharton CX100 dry shipping dewars.

Shipping Dewar Spacer, Replacement Canister and Canister Support Ring
Part number: CP-111-010

Replacement Canister for Shipping Dewar
Part number: CP-111-008

Styrofoam Spacer and Canister Support Ring for Shipping Dewar
Part number: CP-111-009

1. The replacement canister accommodates two cassettes and replaces the stock dewar canister.   It provides extra clearance for cassette insertion and removal.

2. The styrofoam spacer is used to keep the cassette in place when shipping a single cassette inside a dry-shipping dewar.  The spacer should be inserted inside the canister after the cassette.

3. The Teflon canister support ring supports the shipping dewar canister preventing the handle from bending in transit.

This should be placed inside the shipping dewar before the canister is inserted.

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